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Business and Farm Transfers

Have you built your business with the intention of one day passing the torch to your children to continue your family legacy?


As a parent and a business owner, you work hard to set up your children for success and achieving a smooth transition of the business to the next generation is an important step of that process.


Our team of professionals will work with you and your successors to develop a transition plan that is tailored to fit both your family business goals and the individual needs of both generations. Your transition plan is multi-dimensional and is designed to address the needs of your retirement, business cash flow, and your children’s financial future.


By speaking with one of our tax professionals, you will start to lay the groundwork for a transition for your business or farm if you are within five years of selling or transferring to the next generation. Proactive succession planning can help identify tax minimization or tax-deferral opportunities.


Our team works closely with your family and your professional advisors as a part of the transition process so you can feel confident the incoming generation is best positioned for the business’s continued and sustainable growth.

You deserve expert advice and expert service.


We deliver both.

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