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Estate Tax Minimization


The importance of estate planning to a small business owner, regardless of age, cannot be underestimated. Preparing for an unexpected disability or your eventual death can be challenging, but planning ahead can ease the financial and emotional burdens to your loved ones in the future. Holding shares of a company or other investment assets can result in a significant tax burden to your estate.


Our team can assist you with developing your estate plan in a tax-efficient manner while identifying and planning for potential challenges your estate may face including funding the tax burden, life insurance requirements, and future control of your business.


Without proper planning, an estate of a small business owner could face significant tax consequences such as double taxation on privately held shares.


Our team of experienced tax professionals can assist your family with navigating the complex tax reporting requirements and planning to transition a business out of an estate when the time comes.


With our expert advice, you and your family will have a comprehensive plan that will maximize the value of your legacy and lessen the burden to your loved ones during a difficult time. 

You deserve expert advice and expert service.


We deliver both.

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